Analytic capability with quality input data provides solution to the mathematical description of any problem. Engineering design depicts physical significance to the solution through scientific and logical means.

Consulting is an art that comprises of “holistic and comprehensive skill”of diagnosis, creating mathematical formation and arriving at engineering design solution to any real time problem.

The development, growth and sustainability model of Geo Marine is built with core competence in consulting, capable of providing services for a wide spectrum of disciplines in Civil, Coast and Offshore engineering projects..

Structural engineering (for land, coast & offshore environments) :

  • High Raise complexes with multiple basements
  • Commercial & Multiplex Complexes
  • Steel & Composite buildings
  • Industrial structures
  • Power plant structures
  • Oil & Gas infrastructure structures
  • Transmission & Communication Towers
  • Transportation infrastructure structures (Highways, Railways & Airways)
  • Blast resistant structures
  • Jetty, Berthing Quay wall, Mooring dolphin & Breakwater Structures
  • Coastal protection structures, Intake wells & Marine outfall systems
  • Irrigation Infrastructure structures
  • Water supply & Sewage Treatment infrastructure structures

Geotechnical Engineering :

  • Shall & Deep Foundations (piles, wells & Caissons)
  • Ground Improvement (grouting & Pre loading techniques)
  • Chemical stabilization
  • Deep excavation shoring, strutting & anchoring
  • Tunnels
  • Underground Ducts
  • High embankments & Deep cuts
  • Rock bolting
  • Flexible & Rigid Pavements
  • Cut off walls for vibration isolation, sea water intrusion & seepage prevention