Engineering consultancy is an art of providing real time solutions using the principles of science and technology. Science inspires the development of technology and technology helps for greater understanding of science—the universal essence of research.
Dedicated Research Programmes are an inclusive activity at Geo Marine Consultants (P) Ltd, to meet the objective of providing integrated engineering solutions and also to bridge the knowledge gap.


Ongoing Geotechnical Research Programmes

1. Investigation of dissipation and disintegration of soils in water

2. Development of correlation between physical, mechanical, electrical and seismic properties of the shallow subsurface.

Site specific correlations are being developed for the Chennai city region. Specialized indirect and insitu tests are finding increased applications for subsurface investigation. These tests tell us specific properties about the soil strata which are key to the engineering design of sub structures. Developing a correlation between the specialized tests listed below with the commonly performed Standard Penetration Test (SPT) to form a baseline study relating the properties of the Chennai subsurface.

  • CPTU
  • Pressuremeter Test
  • Cross Hole Shear Test
  • 1D borehole wave propagation
  • Conductivity properties with Cross Hole Shear Test, SPT and Seismic Refraction tests

Ongoing Structural Engineering Research Programmes

1. Soil Structure Interaction

Parametric study of laterally loaded piles using Finite Element Analysis.

Ongoing Non Destructive Testing Research Programmes

1. Correlative study between the characteristics of 1D waves using Low Strain integrity test

Use of Low Strain Integrity test for correlating 1D wave properties to SPT results.